B.A. GENERAL|B.A. HINDI|B.A. English|B.A. SANSKRIT|B.A. POLITICAL SCIENCE|B.A. HISTORY|B.A. SOCILOLOGY|B.A. PUBLIC ADMINISTRTION|B.A. ECONOMICS|B.A. MATHEMATICS|B.A. EDUCATION|B.A. SOCIAL WORK|B.A. JOURNALISM AND MASS COMMUNICATION|B.A. BIOTECHNOLOGY|B.COM|BLIS|M.COM|M.A (HUMAN RIGHTS)|M.A. (HINDI)|M.A (SANSKRIT)|M.A. (ENGLISH)|M.A (POLITICAL SCIENCE)|M.A. (HISTORY)|M.A (PHILOSOPHY)|M.A. (SOCIOLOGY)|M.A (MATHEMATICS)|M.A. (ECONOMIS)|M.A (EDUCATION)|B.A. (PSYCHLOGY)|M.A (GEOGRAPHY)|M.A. (PHYSICAL EDUCATION)|M.A. (PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION)|MLIS|M.A. (SOCIAL WORK)|B.B .A.|Bachelor of Insurance & Risk Management|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Finance|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Marketing|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Human Resource|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Production|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Tourism and Hospitality Management|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Hospital Management|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Supply and Chain Management|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Operation Management|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Information Technology|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Banking|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Retail Management|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Project Management|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Total Quality Management|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Insurance and Risk Management|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Disaster Management|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Airport Management|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Rural/Urban Development Management|Master of Business Administration (MBA) Hotel Management|Executive MBA (EMBA) Human Resource Management|Executive MBA (EMBA) Finance|Executive MBA (EMBA) IT Management|Executive MBA (EMBA) Marketing Management|Executive MBA (EMBA) Insurance and Banking|Executive MBA (EMBA) Production and Operation Management|Executive MBA (EMBA) Hospitality and Tourism Management|Executive MBA (EMBA) Retail Management|Executive MBA (EMBA) Project Management|Executive MBA (EMBA) International Marketing Management|Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism|Post Graduate Diploma in International Business|Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management|Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management|Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management|Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing|Post Graduate Diploma in Food Supply Chain Management|PostGraduate Diploma in Advertising|Diploma in International Business|Diploma in Business Management|Diploma in Hospital Management| Diploma in Supply Chain Management|Diploma in Marketing|Diploma in Retail Management|Diploma in Insurance & Risk Management|Diploma in Advertising|B.Sc. General|B.Sc. Biology|B.Sc. Mathematics|B.Sc. Statistics|B.Sc. Physics|B.Sc. Chemistry|B.Sc. Zoology|B.Sc. Botany|B.Sc. Microbiology|B.Sc. Bio Chemistry|B. Sc. Applied Chemistry|M.Sc. Mathematics|M.Sc. Chemistry|M.Sc. Physics|B.Sc. (Fire Safety and Hazard Management)|B.Sc. Computer Science|B.Sc. Hotel Management|B.Sc. Psychology|M.Sc. Zoology|Diploma in Child Care|B.C.A|B.Sc. Information Technology|MCA|M.Sc. Computer Science|M.Sc. information Technology|B.Sc. Yoga|M.Sc. Biotechnology|M.Sc. Environment Science|M.A. Journalism And Mass Communication|Diploma in Software Engineering (DSE)|Diploma in Computer Sciences (DCS)|Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)|Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)|Post Graduation Diploma in Information Technology (PGDIT)|Certificate in Computer Application (CCA)|Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCS)|Certificate in Computing (CIC)|Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA)|Post Graduate Diploma in Hardware and Networking

You are most (heartily) welcome to M.S. Institute of education Pvt. Ltd. We are highly obliged to you for giving your precious time to read this Boucher.

Our Concept is very simple, transparent and reliable all you need is to enroll yourself as a student & then introduce in the world of confidence and bright future.
We try to explain some words which gives new direction in life.

You can not discover new ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

Attitude is a little thing that creates a big difference.

The race is not always to the swift but to those who keep on running.

No one can predict to what height you can predict. To what height you can saar even you will not know until you spread your wings.

Success is a journey and not a destination.


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