Today the education became the basic needs, as essential for an individual’s survival like "food," "clothing," and "shelter". The need of education has been identified in all parts of the society. Certainly the education brings success and this success converts into social recognition. Although we have developed the very well education system, but still present system failed to encourage, motivate or assist the individual, who drops their education in-between, because of various reasons.

MS Institute of Education Pvt. Ltd. encouragesthe individual to compete their education, while working at home or at office.This can only be possible by Distance Education Programme, hence we are continuously motivating the individuals to complete their education through Distance Education Programmes of various universities asper the norms and rules of UGC and Ministry of HRD, from last about 15 years.

To facilitate the more and more individuals, throughout India the MS institute is having about 2000 information, guidance or counseling centers, almost in every state and unions territoriesof the country. With the help of these information centers the MS Institute is facilitating, encouraging and motivating the individuals even in remote areas, those are deprived of the basic needs of education, through our information centre. In these information centers we are providing full overview of the courses and suitability for the course, gives answers to the questions and quarries of the student. Further we give assistance to apply if any individual to proceed with an application.

M S Institute of Education Pvt. Ltd. is growing with the trust of the peoples from last many years. We made popular our brand only by the cooperation and trust of the peoples. The MS Institutes is also being awarded several awards and appreciation letters from various prestigious organizations. We are now by the blessing of the people going to start various new educational activities with the motive and purpose to encourage the people for education.

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." Anthony J. D'Angelo