Description of Online / Distance M.Com

Master of Commerce (M. Com) is a two-year postgraduate master's degree programme that focuses on areas relating to commerce, accounting, management, and economics. The M. Com course mostly consists of thesis-based components, with some research-based aspects thrown in for good measure. Candidates who want to work in banking, financial services, accounting, or commerce should pursue an M.Com. Admission to the programme is usually accomplished by a common admission exam administered by a number of colleges and organisations.

M.Com is the most common degree among aspiring professors and researchers. For M. Com degree holders, UGC-NET/JRF and Ph.D. are two common possibilities.

The complexity of today's business operations necessitates a combination of accounting and finance knowledge. This online degree will give you the solid foundation you'll need to pursue a career in corporate finance and accounting. Teaching or pursuing research efforts through a Ph.D. is one of the options available after finishing this degree. The programme will provide you with the competencies and skills necessary to develop your career for leadership and strategic roles, in addition to functional and domain expertise. The research project asks you to conduct extensive study in your chosen field.

M.Com a post-graduate study designed for applicants interested in banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI), as well as accounting and commerce. The two-year course digs further into the economy's functioning, capital, revenue, trade, taxes, and other topics covered in B.Com. is an extremely versatile course that allows students to pursue employment in a variety of disciplines. Because M. Com is such a specialised field, it is only open to individuals who have completed a B. Com or B. Com (H) degree. For CA/CS candidates, M. Com is also a viable alternative.of Online / Distance M.Com