Description of online / Distance M.LIB.

Master of Library Science (M. Lib) is a post-graduate degree programme in library science. Various institutions and colleges in India offer the course as a full-time or part-time programme. The course provides a foundation for those interested in pursuing professions in research or teaching. Candidates who want to work can take advantage of the course's attractive employment options. Library science is an interdisciplinary topic that studies library administration ideas and procedures. Education, administration, and information technology are some of the key fields related with library science.

Benefits of online / Distance M.lib

The online/distance Master of Library and Information Science (M. Lib) programme aims to create trained human resources to handle digital libraries and electronic resources. This programme’s main objective is to enhance knowledge and skills relevant to strengthening the country’s libraries, archives, documentation and information centres.

  • Deputy Librarian
  • Academic Librarian
  • Communication skills
  • Organisation skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Handsome Salary